What is NiaXtend™?


   NiaXtend E-R Niacin   

Niacin Background

We all know that high cholesterol levels are a risk for heart disease. Yet, millions of Americans still accept having higher than recommended cholesterol levels. A healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and healthy eating habits can beneficially affect cholesterol levels but for some people, lifestyle changes may not be enough – additional help is required. Although there are numerous products available for promoting healthier blood lipid levels, the most reliable of these healthy cardiovascular supporting agents is niacin.

Clinical research has shown that with adequate doses, niacin beneficially supports the “good” (HDL) and “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, as well as triglyceride levels. In fact, of all currently available approaches, experts agree that niacin is the most effective in promoting healthier HDL-cholesterol levels.

Although niacin is effective in supporting healthy blood lipid levels, there are certain drawbacks associated with currently available niacin dietary supplements:

  • Immediate-release niacin products are associated with a high incidence of flushing.
  • Elevated liver enzymes may occur when supplementing with high doses of certain time-released niacin products.
  • Most niacin products have no randomized, placebo-controlled trials demonstrating their efficacy, especially inositol hexanicotinate (so called “flush-free niacin”).

Introducing NiaXtend™ from Xsto

When it comes to supplementation with niacin, obviously there is opportunity for improvement…Xsto saw this opportunity and developed NiaXtend™

What is NiaXtend™?

NiaXtend is a unique wax-matrix extended-release or sustained-release niacin tablet containing 500 mg of niacin. NiaXtend is produced using proprietary technology and is available in bulk form directly from Xsto.

What makes NiaXtend™ unique?

  • NiaXtend’s effectiveness in promoting a healthier blood lipid profile has been tested and demonstrated in multiple human trials.
  • With its very low rate of flushing in clinical studies, few people discontinue supplementation with NiaXtend because of flushing.
  • With NiaXtend, there have been few reports of slightly elevated liver enzyme levels and they generally stayed with a normal range. Nonetheless, as with all niacin products, Xsto recommends that NiaXtend be taken under supervision of a qualified healthcare provider.

NiaXtend™ – The “Niacin of Choice”

With Xsto’s long experience in vitamin nutrition and our emphasis on quality products and customer service, you can be assured that clinically proven, minimum flush NiaXtend is an excellent addition to your product line.

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