Track Record

February 2013 – Xsto Solutions is named as one of the Top 10 Distributors in the world by Functional Ingredients Magazine.

November 2012 – Xsto launches Pronova omega oil into the US market at Supply Side West in Las Vegas. Pronova is the world’s largest high concentrate omega manufacturer and based on quality and pricing efficiencies the market response is very positive. Sales are ongoing and growing.

November 2012 – Xsto launches the only regulatory approved benfotiamine into the US market in partnership with long-­‐standing partner Hamari Chemicals. The blood glucose control market has been waiting for a manufacturer to complete a sGRAS and the response is very positive and strong. Sales are ongoing and growing each month.

August 2012 – Xsto launches a Bulgarian non-­spor probiotic with two year ambient shelf life. ProB has over twenty five clinicals and fifty studies on its efficacy and stability.

2010 – Present – Xsto’s focus on building K2 sales leads to significant quarter over quarter growth for over three years. Xsto grows market share
from 0 to 40%+.

April 2010 – Justin Theriualt joins Xsto as Director of West Coast Sales. Justin’s focus is to bring Xsto’s clinically supported ingredients to customers on the West Coast.

March 2010 – Xsto partners with Kappa to launch a new and unique Vitamin K2 MK 7 ingredient into the US market. Kappa’s K2Vital is an allergen free/soy free all-- trans K2 produced using flowers as a starting material. It’s purity and price point allow K2 MK 7 to be included in new and cutting edge formulations.

April 2009 – Xsto partners with Brudy Technology to introduce Algatrium to the U.S. supplement market. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Brudy needed the resources and relationships of a US based business to launch their patented DHA technology. Brudy was chosen one of the Top Ten Companies to Watch by Nutraceuticals World magazine.

February 2009
– Xsto partners with Virun, Inc. to bring clear, water-- soluble Omega FAs to the US market. Based in Southern California, Virun has a unique patented system to make on-­polar (oil) compounds water-­ soluble and often clear.

January 2009 – Xsto partners with Bioenergy to expand D-Ribose sales in North American F&B and DS. Xsto adds significantly to number and frequency of sales calls for Ribose. Xsto applies its relationships to open doors and increase awareness and discussion of Ribose formulations in both F&B and DS.

July 2008 – Xsto partners with Cromi AS to bring high DHA fish oil to the North American dietary supplement market. Cromi AS, based in Oslo Norway offers market penetration strategy and implementation assistance to companies involved in import / export of health ingredients around the world. Sales have developed with $1.5M booked to date under contract.

June 2008 - Sales of ingredients within the B&D/Xsto portfolio have increased across the portfolio and are trending to a 100% growth over prior YTD numbers. Sales increased 400% from 2005 to 2008.

May 2008 – Xsto expands its relationship with Hamari Chemicals to include sales and marketing for L-Carnosine.

August 2007 – Xsto joins Hamari Chemicals as their exclusive sales and marketing partner for Zinc Carnosine in North America. Sales of Hamari’s Zinc Carnosine from 2007 to 2008 have increased 100% from previous year levels.

February 2007 – Xsto is named B&D Nutritional Ingredients East Coast representative. Xsto’s territory and partnership with B&D has doubled to include all of the East Coast from Maine to Louisiana.

February 2006 – Xsto is named exclusive North East sales agent for B&D Nutritional Ingredients.

September 2005 – Applied Food Science (AFS) out sources global sales and marketing team to Xsto.

AFS’s multi-million dollar product line includes: Calcium d-glucarate – sales increased 10% for 2006 vs. 2005. Green Coffee Extract GCA – sales increased 100% for 2006 vs. 2005. Theaflavin – Black Tea Extract – sales increased 45% for 2005 vs. 2006.

May 2005 – Xsto is named Country Manager for Beta Nutrition Limited a natural algal beta carotene manufacturer.

April 2005 – Xsto is formed.

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