Xsto Services & Solutions:

  • Proven Experience

    Xsto Solutions has over eight years of experience developing a product launch strategy based on product attributes, customer/market knowledge and competitive conditions. Xsto then implements the agreed upon and mutually developed strategy by handling all facets of the product launch thus taking responsibility from start to finish. This process has successfully been used for a number of domestic and international manufacturers. As a result, sales have increased across the board for all of Xsto’s clients.

    Xsto can provide you with proven Sales & Marketing services without the investment of staff and property. Our focus is to bring a small number of select science-supported nutritional ingredients to the functional food and dietary supplement markets across North America.

  • Daily Operational Sales

    Xsto increases sales for current products by leveraging existing customer relationships and focusing daily on operational sales activities. Your company can increase sales without increasing capital costs by letting Xsto become your selling agent.

    Xsto will provide an analysis of our sales strategy as well as an increase in sales calls and presentations. Our marketing efforts will promote advertisement impressions and brand awareness.

  • Extensive Market Research & New Product Launches

    Xsto is nimble and focused. We understand our key customers’ product lines and category/condition strengths. We pair these strengths with targeted and relevant new product development or technological improvements.

    Xsto has worked with a number of manufacturers to jointly develop and implement unique new sales and marketing strategies. We specialize in market research for preparation of new product launches for both domestic and foreign manufactures.

    Xsto’s relationships with both manufacturers and customers can help identify new opportunities and move on them quickly thus giving our partners a competitive advantage.

  • Advanced Technology

    Xsto has proprietary relationships with technology search companies that act as a window to the global nutritional market. Xsto will share these new technologies and products with our partners in different segments where their skills and networks improve a successful product launch or technology transfer. Xsto is able to find new technology through a standing global network of manufacturers and customers.

    Xsto will seek out strong partnerships with key players in the various market segments driven by technology or product opportunities.

  • Warehousing and Distribution

    Xsto Solutions can handle all your warehousing and distribution needs. Xsto will stock your product in our warehouse for immediate order processing and distribution. All inventory and order tracking is handled by our team of professionals. Xsto will handle the entire process from order receipt & processing, shipping, invoicing, and final payment.

  • Marketing & Advertising

    Xsto Solutions will represent your ingredients at all the major industry trade shows and market your product through print advertising and online resources. We are marketing experts who know how to get your product in front of the right buyers. All of our marketing and advertising efforts are done in a cost effective manner.

  • Professional Relationships

    Through customer and manufacturer relationships, Xsto has discovered and delivered on opportunities lowering raw material costs in mature product segments. Our vast network allows us to identify market pricing or availability inefficiencies. Our strong relationships with customers allow us to act and provide value on these inefficiencies.

    Our focus is helping our customers and partner manufacturers grow their business by introducing them to new product, technological, or market opportunities.

    As part of our relationship, Xsto Solutions can assist your company in raising venture capital.
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